tiktok ecommerce

In September 2021, TikTok reached 1 billion active users, making the platform one of the top 10 social media networks worldwide. But in April 2020, TikTok ranked as the number one app outperforming big-name platforms like Tinder, YouTube, and Netflix. Therefore, TikTok is an engaging social media platform that allows users to share short lip-syncing and dance videos with music, effects, and stickers. 

Since TikTok has gained enormous popularity among the younger users, many businesses are jumping into TikTok to promote products and services to wider audience. In 2021, 47% of TikTokers said they purchased something they saw on TikTok, and 39% of users said they discovered new products on TikTok. In 2020, the platform introduced TikTok for Business, giving a huge opportunity for brands to connect their online store with the business account on TikTok. 

With numerous features such as product links, analytics tools, and advertising options, TikTok has become the best platform for an eCommerce business to reach its target audience and drive more traffic and sales. 

How to Boost Your Brand On TikTok?

Since TikTok is an engaging platform, many top brands create authentic content to showcase their products or service to potential audiences. So if you are new to TikTok marketing, you need to understand how the platform works for your business or brands. 

Get comfortable with TikTok tools and features to post organic content regularly to boost brand awareness and reach. As an eCommerce business, creating catchy content and encouraging your audience to return to your TikTok business account to boost your fan base is essential. 

Of course, anyone can create a business account on TikTok and post videos regularly. But if you want to promote your products and generate traffic to your website, here are the few TikTok marketing tactics you should follow.

#1. Use Hashtags

Creating compelling content on TikTok is one thing, but getting people to watch your content is a big thing. But using the right hashtags in your content grabs user’s interest in your niche. Like Twitter and Instagram, TikTok features hashtags, allowing users to search for relevant content and join around similar interests. 

Hashtags are one of the most effective eCommerce tools for TikTok marketing to boost their business and reach a new audience. Moreover, top TikTok brands implement the right ways to gain new fans for TikTok profiles to increase brand reach and popularity with the use of relevant hashtags. The biggest advantage of boosting followers is to publish content with the popular hashtags which helps to become popular on TikTok. 

#2. Invest In TikTok Ads

Since TikTok is a visually engaging platform, it is the best place to run ads that draw user attention towards your products or services. Unlike other social platforms, TikTok users drive audiences to the brand that contains more authenticity and humour. So if you want to get your product noticed on TikTok, the trick is to be yourself. Use TikTok ads manager, which is a valuable tool to create and manage all types of ads. 

Once you start browsing different types of ads, you will find a variety of formats. Each ad differs in price, and it has unique benefits. Here are some new types of TikTok ads that you need to know:

  • Dynamic Showcase Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Spark Ads
  • Lead Generation ads

Promote your products using TikTok ads to boost your business reach and awareness among a wider audience. 

#3: Partner With Influencers

While paid advertising is the best way to get your brand noticed on TikTok, spending only a less budget helps to go viral on the platform. 53% of social media users say influencers’ posts play a big role in their product purchasing decisions. So partnering with the right influencers is the best way to promote your products and bring traffic to your target page or websites. 

Use the influencer marketing strategy to find the best influencer for brand collaboration. Once you find the right influencer that meets your business needs, you can post content using links to your websites and allow users to buy your products or services. 

The Final Word

TikTok is not just for sharing cute and funny videos but is a huge platform for an eCommerce business to raise brand awareness with increase in revenue for your brand. If you are already using TikTok for your business, you can add the above video ideas to better your TikTok marketing strategy and create a viral video on TikTok.